Solvarg and the Purple Curse

My character Solvarg in Karl's Dark Nights campaign got turned purple!

Shortly after our characters had some downtime over the winter and we were encouraged to write up what they did. This is what I came up with:


KotS: Victory!

The party has completed The Keep on the Shadowfell emerging victorious!

I have updated the adventure log:



Alrion: Campaign Handout

The party nearly finished the Keep on the Shadowfell in our first session and our plan is to continue on into the next module Thunderspire Labyrinth.

So now that it's more than one adventure it seemed to make sense to start calling it a campaign. The campaign will be named Alrion, which is what I am calling my customized version of the default 4E setting.

Below is a link to the Campaign Handout.



KotS: The Adventure Begins

The party began their adventures in the Keep on the Shadowfell, so I updated the Adventure Log:



KotS: Nentir Vale

I have posted a document to share the basic information all PCs know about their world.



KotS: Adventure Log

To keep track of the parties actions for their reference and mine in Keep on the Shadowfell I have started an adventure log:



CSQ Complete

The evil lurking in the City of the Spider Queen has been vanquished. The complete chronicles can be viewed here:



KotS: Module Introduction

As promised I have put together some introductory information for playing the 4E module Keep on the Shadowfell. Follow the link below to the introduction:

KotS: Module Introduction



DND 4E has shipped and we are finally making new characters and getting a little bit into it.

This post is related to my new character Solvarg, for Karl's campaign, Dark Nights.

There is no barbarian class for 4E yet so I had to build him as something else. Since my concept firmly fit the Striker role I created him as a Ranger. In my mind he had been a greatsword wielder, now he's a two-weapon fighter. Other than that cosmetic change though he came out pretty much exactly as I wanted. So far he has been fun to play. The Stiker role is a roller-coaster.

Character Sheet


Audience With The Oracle

In our last session the Moonwalkers contacted the Oracle near the ruins of Kellian, Quandode.

My character Walker scratched a bunch of notes in his journal.

My character uses these notes as the raw material for the book he is writing, The Three Spheres.

I really like the way these notes came out. I may expand them into an appendix to The Three Spheres, basically a Holy Lands Encyclopedia.


Red Hand of Done??!?!?

Well I just updated Xed in time to call RHOD done.

The Dawn Raiders have persevered and emerged victorious in their struggle against the dragon queen and all her vicious minions. Azyrkul has fallen and the dire bane great sword has gone snicker-snack!

Well done Isaac! Well struck Dawn Raiders!

"Hey what do you guys say? Do you think we'll have enough left for a stout or two if we get Ramses reincarnated by some hedge wizard in the Elsir Vale? Those True Rezz's are a little spendy..."

The Story of Slade

Character histories keep coming in for the Savage Tide, today it's:

The Story of Slade


Sad News Indeed

Gary Gygax has passed away.

Since I was just writing how much I love those games. It should be obvious that I think very highly of Mister Gygax's contributions to the world.

Rest in peace Mr. Gygax.


A Message From Durmoor

Bob sent out a cool message from Durmoor detailing how he came to be in Kacey's world.

Seanut Brownberry

Ashley has coughed up a nice background for his character Seanut Brownberry.

Savage Tide Recap

Since it's been so long since we played and the GM has changed JVS has written a recap of the events so far in The Savage Tide.

Savage Tide: Approved Non-core Spells

JVS has started a spell spreadsheet similiar to the one we use for The Holy Lands.

Since I am playing a spell-caster I actually have to deal with it this time.

High Tide

As everybody knows JVS has revitalized the Savage Tide campaign.

As part of that he is making a bunch of information available. So expect more posts with those links under the st label.

Good luck JVS!


4E Previews

There was a D&D convention this weekend called D&D Experience.

WoTC began to release some interesting info related to 4E:

Quick Rules Primer
Rogue Preview
Sample Characters

They also ran a bunch of preview sessions at the con. Those resulted in a lot of interesting but sketchy info as players tried to sort out what they were seeing and playing.

I might try to start my 4E online character sheet similar to my 3.5E sheet based on the sample characters, but I kind of doubt it. After studying the sample characters a little bit, I realized that the sheets were fairly specialized. They include a bunch of info specifically because the rules aren't out yet. So I doubt they will be very indicative of the official sheet.

So far I am pleased with a lot of the fixes in the Quick Rules Primer, #9 and #12 seem like they should go a long way toward fixing the broken relationship between Reach and Movement.

I am still waiting to see if they improve bonus stacking.

Look and Feel

I have been tinkering with how the blog looks lately (mainly the header). I am still not happy with it, so I'll probably be tinkering some more.

Role-playing Games

I was looking at this blog the other day and thinking to myself that there were too many posts related to role-playing games. In fact it has more posts than any other topic.

I played my first role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons in the summer of 1979 at the age of 11. I was immediately hooked. It would be the primary preoccupation of my life for the next 3 years. I have played off and on ever since.

This year there are a ton of interesting things happening. D&D is introducing their 4th Edition. Hero Games (the company I think technically has the best rules) has sold the Champions IP to Cryptic Software to make a Champions MMO and City of Heroes the MMO that I actually play is about to roll-out an online extension called The City Vault.

So I was looking at this blog the other day and thinking to myself that there were too many posts related to role-playing games. I was wrong. I love these games and there are going to be a lot of posts about them.



I have actually gotten to play Champions a few times lately, thanks to my friend JVS.

I have been playing my character:


who is an homage to Orion of the New Gods.

Cody Blackstreet

Cody "Fellwrath" Blackstreet is my latest character for KC's campaign Oerth. Lets hope he fares better than the last two.

Character Sheet



I got a guitar for Christmas and have been trying to learn to play. I have found this site:

Justin Guitar

to be super helpful.

Moonwalkers: The Backstory

Over time people provide more info about their characters that really makes the game and takes it to a whole new level. Such is the case with the Moonwalker's in The Holy Lands. Recently we've gotten new info about:

The Fate of Cyrus

and Walker started his book:

The Three Spheres

more of Walker's backstory can also be found at the end of his character sheet: