4E Previews

There was a D&D convention this weekend called D&D Experience.

WoTC began to release some interesting info related to 4E:

Quick Rules Primer
Rogue Preview
Sample Characters

They also ran a bunch of preview sessions at the con. Those resulted in a lot of interesting but sketchy info as players tried to sort out what they were seeing and playing.

I might try to start my 4E online character sheet similar to my 3.5E sheet based on the sample characters, but I kind of doubt it. After studying the sample characters a little bit, I realized that the sheets were fairly specialized. They include a bunch of info specifically because the rules aren't out yet. So I doubt they will be very indicative of the official sheet.

So far I am pleased with a lot of the fixes in the Quick Rules Primer, #9 and #12 seem like they should go a long way toward fixing the broken relationship between Reach and Movement.

I am still waiting to see if they improve bonus stacking.

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