Now I can't stop...

Now that I have started posting stuff from SDCC I can't stop:

Gigantor rules.


The San-Diego Comic-Con has been going on all week. I have been not thinking about it pretty much 'cuz it sucks not to get to go, but... I just saw this and it is the first news that is too cool not to think about:

*Edit*Iron-Man sneak preview from SDCC got pulled.

I feel Tony Stark and I are marching to the same drummer. :)


Happy Birthday America!

By my calculation you are 231 years old today (that makes me feel a little less old, except that reminds me that I was around during the Bicentennial... oh... now I feel old again).

I was at this show the other day... it looked like this:

and even more patriotic rockin'.

Pretty cool somebody got videos... nice job Portland!