Alrion: The Order of the Gourd

In our campaign Alrion, the party has taken the name, "The Order of the Gourd".

Many of them have sent me some pretty great background info on their characters. At first I kept this information to myself to try and encourage role-playing. Now that the party has known each other for a while and what was going to get role-played out, has been role-played out, it seems like a good idea to share this information. Hopefully it will spur further role-playing.

The Order of the Gourd:
Cletus "Pumpkinhead" Johnson
Kondell Urenthus
Falcone Agustus Triviski
Effram Zimbolist


Thunderspire: Adventure Log

After completing Keep on the Shadowfell the party, now known as The Order of the Gourd has continued on to Thunderspire Labyrinth. Below is a link to the log of their new adventure: