Thunderspire: Adventure Log Update

In anticipation of game this weekend I finally updated the Thunderspire: Adventure Log. I waited waaaay to long this time.

I interleaved working on it the last few days with reviewing the module so neither felt like a slog. The log is definitely helpful for getting my mind back in the right place.

Still have a little more work to do before Friday, but I am really looking forward to this session. It could be epic.



What fun!

A little indie book I discovered out of the blue.

The story was amateurish, but entertaining.

Matt Olson's artwork is excellent, the characters are rendered with vitality and the main character has real charisma in her expressions. Love it.

Bottom line, the story won't stick with me, but was fun to read.


Better than I expected, but my expectations were low.

JRJR's artwook solid as always.

Bottom line, meh.

No Hero

Worst Warren Ellis comic I have ever read. What a contrast from Anna Mercury. Ryp's art, same as ever.

Bottom line, they should have just called it "No Good".



I haven't posted any comics stuff in a while, but I been reading. In fact I have embarked on a fairly large comic book project I had been contemplating for a while.

I'm reading Amazing Spider-Man #39 - 125. Spider-scholars everywhere will immediately recognize that as more or less the initial "Jazzy" John Romita run (there are some issues mixed through-out contributed by other awesome dudes like Gil Kane, a post for another day...). Penciled by JR they were of course written by Stan the Man.

These are great comics. Arguably the high-point of the web-heads long and storied career. Not to take anything away from the incredible kick-off penciled by Steve Ditko, but I feel like Marvel, Stan and Spidey just kept getting better and better throughout this period.

I actually started reading Spidey right around #130 (so just after the JR run). The year was 1974 and I was just learning to read. The stories in the JR run were constantly flashed back to and referenced but were not necessarily all in reprints. So while the first dozen or so ASMs I have read and re-read over and over again as part of reprint collections, these stories not so much.

I just finished #50 "Spider-Man No More", one of the highlights I had read before and it was as good as I remembered.

That particular issue of course reminds me just how influential JR's run was on the Sam Raimi films, much to Mr. Raimi's credit. He really gets Spider-Man and these issues in particular.

After I finish up these books I will take a break from Spider-Man for awhile, but eventually I might plot out one of these read-a-thons for John Romita Jr.'s run on Spider-Man. He also put his own cool graphic spin on web-head literature.

...back to reading, True Believers!