John Doe Returns

John Doe is coming back to town:

and he's got a new album on the way.


Some new Knitter's dates (or is that critter dates?) have been posted. A bunch of new (...old, new-old?) X-related stuff:

is starting to turn up around the Intertubes and I even saw a rumor of a new X album (last line of the 2nd link).


Brother Jeff

I literally don't remember the last time I played a cleric. Here goes nothin'... Brother Jeff:

Character Sheet


CSQ Timeline, Notes and Letters

Smitty sent out a timeline detailing what we have done in CSQ. I also unearthed an old attachment he had sent out with the letters we had found in the Underdark.

The Followers of Agat

My character Smoke is a member of a religion I concocted called The Followers of Agat.


Radley Jagger

Radley Jagger is the first D&D character that I have put on-line that I am not actively playing anymore, who knows, maybe someday...

Character Sheet


Dance Man

This one's for my mom.

She is a Fred Astaire fan and I was suddenly reminded that like everything else a bunch of his best scenes have been captured on YouTube. Enjoy Ma!