Rise of the Moonknights

Walker and the Moonknights reached the climax of their adventures on Ola'an.

The Rise of the Moonknights

chronicles Walker's days after the Moonwalkers.

Jade Cove Adventure Log

The SST-7 prepares to return to the Jade Cove.  Below are links to our current Adventure Log:

Jade Cove Adventure Log - Google Doc (for those w/a Google Account)
Jade Cove Adventure Log - Public Web Page (viewable by all)


Blackfell my new wizard in Ashley's new Jade Cove Campaign. I am a little late in posting this.  The first session was back on November 19th.  Anyway it was a blast.

Character Sheet

Note:  I don't really have a web-friendly character sheet yet... have to fix that.

Earth 1168 - A Little History

Well it's been a long time, but we're finally getting ready for the next installment of the Mortality Algorithm, my Champions adventure for the weekend group.

Last time before the session I sent out selections of the standard Champions Setting's history for players who didn't have access to the books.

I have since collected all that stuff in one document here.


Thunderspire: Adventure Log Update

In anticipation of game this weekend I finally updated the Thunderspire: Adventure Log. I waited waaaay to long this time.

I interleaved working on it the last few days with reviewing the module so neither felt like a slog. The log is definitely helpful for getting my mind back in the right place.

Still have a little more work to do before Friday, but I am really looking forward to this session. It could be epic.