Earth 1168 Genesis

Character creation has gone really well and without giving anything away RP-wise you guys essentially now have:

1 Brick (Melee/Brawler)
1 Controller (Supernatural/Fire)
1 Blaster (High-Tech/Energy)

Champions isn't quite as role-oriented as D&D, so it's not like you guys have to have 1 from each role/class. It seems to inspire some folks when making up their characters though so I thought I would just throw out some info on general archetypes:
  • Fighter
    • Brick
    • Martial Artist
    • ...
  • Spellcaster
    • Blaster
    • Controller
    • ...
  • Defender
    • Buffer
    • Healer
    • ...
  • Rogue
    • Gadgeteer
    • Speedster
    • ...
This stuff is all very subjective and none of it is enforced by the game mechanics, so people shouldn't get hung up on it, your team will be just fine even if you guys come up with 5 Fighters. It's more to try and give some structure because creating your character is so unstructured in Champs.

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