The A-List

I've read alot of comic books. I have an idea about what's good. The A-List is where the two meet.

Under this category I intend to point out things that I like. It might be a title, a creator or an individual issue.

The bottom line is that it's something I think is worth checking out.

In this first entry we kick it off with arguably THE all-time great, Jack Kirby.

A portion of the titles that Kirby co-created is a simple testament to his achievement:

Captain America
The Fantastic Four
The Mighty Thor
The Incredible Hulk
The Avengers
The X-Men
Machine Man
Devil Dinosaur
The Eternals
The New Gods
Mister Miracle
The Forever People

That list is of course incomplete and it only hints at all the other characters and things he created/co-created along the way like Galactus and the Negative Zone. Not to mention all the subsequent greats like Steve Rude and Walt Simonson that he influenced.

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