The trailer for the third Spider-Man movie is up.

I am sure a lot of people if asked, "What is the best science fiction/fantasy adaptation of the last 10 years?" would say Lord of the Rings. That is perfectly understandable. The LotR movies are a miracle, but I would answer Spider-Man. The thing that makes these movies is that Sam Raimi (or somebody) "gets" Spider-Man. Consequently a 1000 little decisions that would be wrong on most movies are right in these movies. I walked out of the first movie with the intense feeling that I had just put down the comic.

The trailer for the 3rd movie would normally have me worried. Sandman, Venom, Green Goblin, many a super-hero movie has been ruined by being turned into an ego-fest for actors. Each one eager to get a chance to play the devil, hog the spotlight and fuck up the movie. Confidence is extremely high though because of the previous two movies. Bottom-line I am still psyched about this upcoming movie.

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