Platinum Grit

I discovered a cool web comic a while back, Platinum Grit.

The great thing about discovering something this way, is that you come at it with few preconceptions and little frame of reference. Making it a lot easier to just enjoy it for it's own merits.

The great thing about this book, is that it has charismatic characters (I would like to hang out with Nils, Jeremy and Kate), it feels like a personal story the author has to tell and it's a good story. It's got tons of great absurdest and surreal moments, is fun, and then has these inexplicably dark uncomfortable moments as well.

After I discovered it I read one or two then picked around at a few others, last week or so I went back and read the first 10, there are only 20.

Looking at it now, the book definitely has parallels with Tank Girl and similarities to Los Bros. but that's ok it's fine to have influences. I am just glad I got a chance to read it with a clear mind first.

Bottom line, wish there were more. I'll read the last 10 soon and since there have only been 20 in the last 15 years...

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