The Champions Character Creation Cheatsheet

Long ago I made the Champions Game Play Cheatsheet. It's pretty useful while you're playing, but the fact is that right now you guys are wrestling with Character Creation, not playing the game so I decided to try and make a similar sheet for Character Creation.

The Champions Character Creation Cheatsheet. The idea is to synthesize on one sheet the most useful information possible. I don't think it's quite as successful as the first one but if nothing else the page numbers should be useful.


Ashley said...

Common sense and intuition lead me to believe this blog can be accessed by children. Am I correct in assuming I need to control my language, posts, etc?

I was compelled to post something though since I saw 0 comments and needed to pass the time while I wait for the 50mb file to finish downloading. I'm at 68% after 10 minutes. I'll be back.

MFTB said...

lol Ashley you are correct. Anybody can see this thing.

You are the first to ever comment, so I never thought to check!

Anyway I hope you got the file.